Bypassing the Limitation of Brute Force Attack (“Smart Password Lockout”) on Microsoft Service Account

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Illustration from Microsoft (edited by us) note: maybe readers will found many grammar mistakes in this article. However, we wish we could deliver the main point of this article. I. ABSTRACT Doing groove in mobile is almost an inevitable thing for most of users in the world especially in

Bug Report / Publication

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List of Bug Report / Publication (sort by date): General information could be found at (2013 – 2018)  

LINE Chat – Unencrypted Chat Messages and Unauthorized Access to Message Attachments

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Illustration from I. ABSTRACT Sending short messages is a daily activity which is hard to be separated from the most societies in this era. Technology developing which is followed by the availability of internet packet that is easy to be achieved for most societies, is being the forerunner

[Late Post] Unencrypted iTunes Store Password on iOS 7.1.x

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Illustration – Credits to for the Figure or, I prefer to say: “Don’t ever leave your iDevice without Passcode” for this article. I. ABSTRACT Technology is developing so fast nowadays, and it can’t be denied that it’s helping people to finish their works & most of them are

[Late Post] Passcode Vulnerability on Pocket Expense <= 4.5.1

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I. ABSTRACT In our daily life, many people are often finding some difficulties to manage their financial record. This record generally is about data of income and outcome activities which were in the past or even in the future. In an era which is all about digital like now,

Simple Paper

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List of  simple papers in this site (English): Dec 27th, 2017 – Asus [EN Only] Lack of Binary Protection at Asus “Vivo Baby” and “HiVivo” for Android that could Result of Several Security Issues Dec 26th, 2017 – PayPal [EN Only] PayPal – Bypassing the Current Password Protection at

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